Calculating online slot probabilities

Calculating online slot probabilities is possible. That’s the first thing to learn. The second thing to learn is that calculating online slot probabilities is very hard indeed, and unless you truly, desperately, need to know the exact probability of getting a winning combination, it probably isn’t worth your time or effort. 

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However, there are those who like a challenge, and calculating these probabilities would indeed be a challenge, so, for those people and anyone else who wants to try, read on slots magic review.

Outcome of Online Slot Probabilities

To start with a simple fact; the chance of you winning on a slot game is much lower than the chance of you losing. There is nothing strange or unusual about this; the fact is there are more losing symbol combinations than there are winning ones, so you’re more likely to lose than anything else. Having this in mind is useful; if you know a win is unlikely, you will be much more aware of what you’re spending and how much of your budget you have left. And a win would, of course, be an amazing bonus. 

Calculating Probabilities

Slots work by using a random number generator (RNG). This means that there is no way of predicting where the symbols are going to fall, so no way of predicting when a win is going to come. That’s all part of the fun since the more of a surprise a win is, the more enjoyable it is, even if it is a small amount of money. 

The RNG is one of the reasons why calculating probabilities is so hard. Yet there is a way and here it is. Check the pay table to find out how much you could win if you landed the right combination of symbols. Then you’ll need to know what the likelihood of winning is. Begin with the number of reels in the game and then multiply that number by how many symbols there are on each reel, as well as by the number of stops on each reel. Let’s keep things simple and have three reels with five symbols and five stops. The sum would be 5x5x5 (and the answer is 125). This means there are 125 different ways to win. 

After that, it’s the probability of winning you need to work out. On a three reel game, if you will win when three certain symbols turn up on the reels, and each symbol only has one of these symbols, you would work out this sum: 1/5×1/5×1/5. The answer is 0.008 and that is your percentage chance of winning. 

Now, obviously, we have used very simple number, but many newer slots have a great deal more reels and symbols than we have been working with, making the calculations even more difficult. And the answers are always going to be small. If you went just by these figures, you would never plays slots again.

In most cases, it is far better to check out the RTP and make a decision based on that if you want to know which games are worth playing.