From the mechanical to the video slot

From humble beginnings, the slot machine is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games ever to grace the casino floor and this timeless classic machine has certainly changed a lot over the years. You might be surprised to discover that slot machines were actually invented back in the late 1800s – over 125 years ago! Of course, the machine was significantly different to the slots we all love and play in 2020, but many of the basic features and mechanisms of the traditional game have been retained and many classic and traditional style slot machines greatly resemble early slot machines.

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Let’s delve a little deeper into the history of our beloved slot machine to see how it has evolved over the centuries into the innovative on-the-go game at we know today. 

The first-ever slot machine 

Although there were similar precursor models of the classic slot machine, for example, the invention by Sittman and Pitt which was a machine with five drums which contained card faces and was known as a poker machine. Games like these are where the nickname for slots “pokies” may have originated from as they contained poker card faces instead of symbols.  

However, the first classic mechanical slot machine was actually invented in 1895 by the legendary Charles Fey and contained three reels with familiar symbols instead of poker card faces including the golden bell you still see in some modern traditional-style slots which game the machine its name – the ‘Liberty Bell’. Unfortunately for Fey, he failed to successfully patent his invention and so manufacturer used his design to create many variations of the slot machine and its popularity became wide-spread throughout the world.  

The fruit machine 

Much to the disappointment of players and operators, slot machines were then banned to award prize money in 1902 but players still enjoyed spinning the reels which led to the invention of the fruit machine. Players could play for sweet prizes and fruit flavoured chewing gum if they landed a winning combination which gave the slot machine an improved reputation. 

The electronic slot machine 

In the 60s thanks to advances in technology, everything changed for the casino industry and back in 1964 Bally invented the first-ever electromechanical slot which was named ‘Money Honey’ and was extremely enticing for players who were swooning over the new technology and temptation of big prizes. 

By the mid-70s slots were extremely popular and in 1976 players could enjoy video slots where instead of a machine the slot game was displayed on a TV screen and the first-ever video slot was launched in a Las Vegas hotel and wasted no time taking over the famous Las Vegas strip!   

Modern-day slots 

The internet changed everything and transformed the way we do just about everything and had a profound effect on the casino industry and now players have a mini-casino in their pocket where they can play slots on the go, whenever suits them. The internet, advanced graphics and innovative technology has made modern slots possible and there feels like there are just no limits to what online casinos can offer in terms of gaming experience!