Repairing Sprinkler Systems Used for Irrigating Lawns

If you are a home owner you want to make sure that your lawn is kept neatly mowed and it has a healthy, lustrous green look to it. In order to accomplish the look of a healthy green lawn you are either going to have to sprinkle it every day or else install an irrigation system to automatically water the lawn for you. When you are talking about sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation you are referring to the control fittings, piping, and plumbing components. As with most anything, over time you will have sprinkler repairs.

What type and how the sprinkler system is repaired depends on what type of machinery you have used such as if it a sprinkler that is hose-end or one that it is in-ground. You also have to take into consideration the mechanization level meaning that some of the systems are semi-automated and other are fully automated meaning that this system does not require any user attention for the system to operate.

One of the more common repair that is needed is the sprinkler head could get damaged when you mow the lawn. To repair the sprinkler head you are gong to have to dig around the head of the sprinkler and then take the head off by unfastening the nuts that is holding it to the sprinkler. Make sure that you leave the riser in the original position and make sure that grass or dust gets into the head of the sprinkler. If it does, the water flow could become blocked. Screw the new sprinkler head onto the riser and before you recover the sprinkler head make sure that it works.

Other sprinkler repairs would include repairing the riser. This repair would also involve taking off the sprinkler head. While the sprinkler head is off use a nipple extractor to take off the riser as much as you can. You can use pliers if there are any traces of the riser being tough. Put the new riser on and make sure while making the sprinkler repairs that nothing got into the system like grass debris or dirt. Once you have the riser on fasten the sprinkler head back and make sure that it works.

You could also have problems with the main line. It could have been damaged when you did aeration on your lawn. Before you turn off the water source to the sprinkler system make sure that you are examine the main line for the defect location. In order to reach the area of the pipe where the defect is you are going to dig up the ground on both sides of the defected area of the pipe. Once the damaged area is exposed straight cut the portion that is damaged. The next step to repairing the main line is position the expansion repair coupling on the main pipe line. Before you apply PVC glue to join the pieces of pipe and coupler make sure there is no dirt around the area. Let the glue dry for ten to fifteen minutes and check for any leaks before you switch on the water full force.